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A Step Beyond
You can (and indeed, should) look around while completing any task. The question is how strong it influences the way you actually solve it after. This talk is about how to get into your own thinking flow, rather than getting stuck with someone else’s solutions.

Alfa Design MeetupMay 29, 2024

Balls in Design ︎
Bring a little sparkle to your routine by adding some Easter eggs in whatever you do. Discover why leaving hints and personal marks is an unevident, but a great way to approach your work.

Design WeekendApril 19, 2024

The Reason
A short film that investigates the core motivation behind an intention to design something.

Personal ProjectSeptember 14, 2023

Adapt Yourslef ︎
Sudden change can evoke fear in some people, but those with an infinite mindset will embrace uncertainty and opportunity. This Talk is devoted to the most powerful, yet unobvious soft skill in work, which is fundamental for building a thriving career.

Design ProsmotrMay 20, 2023

Life without Research
IT companies tend to rely on comprehensive analyses and vast researches when it comes to building a product. Considering renown peculiarities of this approach, should we really always be wondering how to make the perfect cup of tea?

Design WeekendMarch 12, 2023

Reactivity and Proactivity
Thoughts on why it is important to balance reactive and proactive approaches to the design process and how these two strategies differ in their effect.

Beeline DöneSeptember 20, 2022

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